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Warriors - Acrylic on Paper

Warriors - Acrylic on Paper

Elegant female silhouettes Origina Acrylic on Canson paper.

This is a unique vibrant multi-layered textured surface with a mix of beige, black and white background and on the top some abstract female silhouettes, one line drawing in soft black color to achieve a harmonious effect that portrays the strength and calmness of female nature.

Real color is absolutely the same as on photos. 

The work has the signature and stamp of the artist with a certificate of authenticity.

Work dimensions

Paper format 32 cm X 41 cm (12.6 in x 16,1 in )

Canson paper 400 gr (188 lb)

Sold without frame.


Canson Paper 400 gr (188 lb)

Shipping & Returns


35cm x 44 cm (13,78 in x 17,32 in)

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